Objktv + Koch Architects

Dean York Residence


We’re all about collaboration here at Objktv, so it seems fitting to start this new blog with a deeper look into our recent collaboration with Koch Architects.  

Architect Joanne Koch approached us with with a very clear goal: to capture the true spirit of a home that meant a great deal to her, both professionally and emotionally.  The Dean York Residence has just that – a spirit to it, a palpable feeling created by a skilled architect who understands the importance of creating a harmony between structure and land. It gives you the feeling that it's always been there, that it grew with the landscape, not intruded upon it. Below are a few of the shots taken durning a full day shoot at the Dean York Residence.  


Architecture and styling: Joanne Koch  

Photographers: Jason Bax and John Towner

Location: St. Helena, California


Residential architecture - Exterior front facade
Residential architecture - Exterior courtyard and dining area
Residential architecture - Exterior walkway and front door
Residential architecture - Interior of dining room and kitchen
Residential architecture - Interior of kitchen and seating area
Residential architecture - Interior of living room and back deck
Residential architecture - Exterior back deck with chairs
Residential architecture - Exterior front entry at dusk
Residential architecture - Interior of master bed room