Smith River x Audi on Demand US

This past December Audi on demand US approached us with a unique proposal. We were simply asked to create a body of work documenting a place that was‬ meaningful to us. It's rare to be given full creative freedom and we jumped at the opportunity to do something special. The first place that came to mind was the Smith River in Norther California.‬ It’s called California’s best kept secret, and with good reason.‬ Originating deep in the Klamath Mountains, this‬ free-flowing river is undammed and untamed for its‬ entire length – one of only a handful of wild rivers left‬ ‪in America, and the only one of its kind in California.‬ The rugged terrain of the watershed is so wild and‬ remote, explorers continue to stumble upon‬ ‪record-breaking tall trees nestled within this sanctuary.‬ Every time we visit we’re left speechless by the grandeur of‬ this rugged and remote landscape. Simultaneously peaceful‬ and powerful in its serenity and scale, the Smith River is the‬ lifeblood of an ecosystem that will leave you awestruck no‬ matter how many times you visit. It’s one of the most special‬ ‪places we’ve ever traveled to as photographers and it’s why‬ we were so honored to have had the opportunity to spend a‬ ‪week exploring and photographing this amazing wilderness‬.‬

A collection of fine art prints from the journey was recently showcased at the PhotoFairs event in San Francisco. 

Jason BaxComment