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Jason Bax and John Towner were both independent photographers, new to Oakland and obsessed with architecture, art and design when they first crossed paths. After successful collaborations for brands like Cadillac, Budnitz, and Jins Eyewear, Jason and John founded Bax+Towner to focus on bringing their shared vision and passions under one roof. 


Architecture / Spaces

With a formal background in Architecture, Jason Bax is drawn to structure and design. He’s happiest when challenged, finding the essence of every space, place and person. Based in the Bay Area and Denver, Jason travels extensively, shooting infrastructure, interiors and culture with a passion for discovering compelling visual narratives in the everyday. 

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Jason Bax

Photographer/ Bar bandit


John Towner

Photo + Video/ The strong, silent type


Lifestyle / Product

John Towner’s experience in portraiture and branding informs his work both in the studio and on location. John seeks environments with character, products with stories to tell, and passionate people to spotlight. He loves creative collaboration, partnering frequently on lookbooks, editorials and branded content.

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We still believe in the value of images.

In a world filled to the brim with images; by influencers and amateurs and grandmas with iphones, there's just too much competing for our attention. Some say the value of an image just isn't worth all that much. 

 We believe that a well crafted image is more valuable now than ever before. 

Bax+Towner seeks to listen, to collaborate, and to create with businesses, non-profits, and creatives of all stripes who still understand the value of a great image. Let us help you craft your image and stand above the noise.

- est. 2016 -



Architecture and interiors are our first love, but not our only passion. We're equally comfortable in the studio shooting fashion, in a chase van filming high performance cars, or climbing a mountain to show off the latest waterproof jacket. 

And we have the best clients.

We work with fashion designers, car makers, fashion labels, bespoke bike builders, interior designers - you name it. We're a creative and driven duo of two passionate photographers who sweat the small stuff, and a dedicated support crew who stop at nothing to tell our client's story.



Our clients come from a wide range of industries, backgrounds, and disciplines. We’ve found the best way to start a relationship is simply to ask:

What can we do for you?



Oakland | Denver


Oakland: 510.282.1702 |  Denver: 773.575.9301

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